Here’s what our Customers say about We Make Tapes & Discs

I wanted to thank you for the DVD order we just received. Everything was verified and it all looks great and I just wanted to say thank you. We appreciate you guys so much and I love doing business with you. It makes my job so much easier to have people like you on my team helping our products look the best that they can. You guys are amazing!

Trish Pfaender
Mercy Ministries
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I wanted you to know that we are pleased with our final discs and we appreciate you guys getting them done for our release tomorrow. Erica and Beth were both super cool to deal with and we'll be back when we get our next project together. Thanks again

Sean Jackson
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Everyone who got one of our Horses & Heroes CDs this weekend picked it up because of the way it looks, and then opened it and thought the CD art quality was great. Thanks again for all your help. I never knew that making CDs could be so trouble free until I found We Make Tapes & Discs!

Brett Hill
Brett Hill Music
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We Make Tapes is consistently providing our company with great sounding CD's, coupled with brilliant artwork for our CD projects. Whenever we have a tight deadline to meet, Sam and his wonderful staff are always on top of everything, & they always deliver our projects to us on time! Steve and I would recommend using We Make Tapes to anyone who needs CD's duplicated or replicated.

David Martin & Steve Tveit
Corporate Artist Group
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"I've worked with We Make Tapes & Discs for over a year. They have always worked to meet or exceed our expectations. If anything should happen that is unexpected WMTD is on top of it. Even when deadlines are tight, the work is always turned around in record time. Sam and his staff are not only a pleasure to work with but are knowledgeable and get the job done right."

Tammy Porter, Production Manager
Ingram Data Services
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I tried many duplication services looking for the one that could provide the great service I was looking for. I stopped looking when I found We Make Tapes & Discs.

Nelson Lauver
American Storyteller
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I have been a We Make Tapes & Discs customer for over 25 years. I am such a satisfied customer that I encourage all my bluegrass friends to consider them for all their needs. Their quality, service and commitment to excellence are second to none.

Bluegrass Music Legend Mac Wiseman
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We Make Tapes & Discs has become the total solution for all my company’s product manufacturing needs. The quality and turn-around time are absolutely superior to any other company I have used. Their professionalism, service, and commitment to excellence are second to none.

Zane King, President
Journey Records
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20 years and 42 projects should speak for itself, but I'll say a few words anyway. I remember back when We Make Tapes and Discs was just We Make Tapes. They have always gone beyond the call of duty to get product out to me when I needed it. I am not a graphics designer, so I leave the creativity in their hands and they have never let me down. The sound quality is top notch and their flexibility is amazing. Our products are not typical and they work with all our "special orders" with complete professionalism, imagination, and artistry. I look forward to another 20 years with WMT and Discs.

Bill Itzel
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Working with the gang at WMTD has taken the work out of manufacturing product. For years we've bounced around from one company to another trying to find the best deal. Now we have finally settled the question - WMTD. They've put together a great team that answers questions, responds quickly and works diligently to help you get the look and sound you hope for on the project you've worked so hard to produce. They really go the extra mile. We love the 'short run' offers that let you get a 100 pieces in hard copy so you can get feedback on the artwork before you splurge on manufacturing 1,000 or more. WMTD is the real deal!

Kirk & Deby Dearman
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We have done business with We Make Tapes & Discs for 6 years. They have been amazing to work with, with the highest quality of service and products available. They are timely and cooperative, providing the best duplication for all three of our nationally televised shows, plus the video projects we have completed over the past years. We strongly recommend them to everyone looking for duplication, printing, or packaging.

Kirk Dooms
Producer, Show Me Outdoor Adventures
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Working with We Make Tapes & Discs is the easiest part of the process. They walk you through the process and give you all the details on how to make the project the very best. They sent me examples and couldn't have been nicer: a great group to work with. I'll be back again and again to work with them. Thanks.

James Leonard
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We have been clients of We Make Tapes & Discs and Sam for a number of years. They have provided services from cd design, art, duplication - even shipping, and always done so to our complete satisfaction. No request has ever been met with anything other than, e would be happy to do that for you. It is without hesitation that I recommend We Make Tapes & Discs for all CD needs. Not only because of their friendly staff, timely order processing, but because they are true professionals that will get it right - no matter what!

Chris Reading
The Readings
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From the first conversation regarding our production needs for our recent CD, the folks at We Make Tapes and Discs went out of their way to accommodate us. Not only did we receive first class treatment, but our project came in earlier than requested and the quality was superb. With their production specials, we were able to afford a higher quality product at an incredible price. We Make Tapes and Discs will be our only choice for future productions.

Michael Mann, Minister of Music
Two Rivers Baptist Church, Nashville, TN
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"The staff at WMTD are friendly and helpful. I'm working on my third CD project with them and appreciate their great design ideas. I'm happy to recommend WMTD as a repeat satisfied customer to anyone interested in excellent audio quality and packaging at a great price!"

Ruth Barrett
Dancing Tree Music
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The folks at We Make Tapes & Discs were very professional and patient with me throughout the editing of our project. I could not have been more pleased with the quality and the turn-around time. We at ATP Records will continue to give our business and support to WMTD and we suggest that you do too! Thanks again WMTD, best of luck in 2008!

Mark Alan Thompson
ATP Records
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I have been using We Make Tapes & Discs for CD and cassette manufacturing for over 23 years. I am such a satisfied customer that I encourage all my artist friends to consider them for their needs. I have gotten to personally know many of the staff and I enjoy the kind and friendly way they treat their customers.

Mike Speck
Mike Speck Ministries
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We Make Tapes and Discs has provided me absolutely great service and high quality CD duplication for all of my projects. Lori and the entire staff always go the extra mile to insure I receive my orders on time. But more importantly they are just really wonderful folks to work with.

Jeff Little
Jamestown, NC
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"I am a motivational speaker and author and I have been using We Make Tapes & Discs for many years. I can always rely on their great customer service and great products. I purchase thousands of CD's from them and would highly recommend them for any project. If you are ready to elevate your business, We Make Tapes & Discs is your answer."

Dale Smith Thomas
Winners By Choice, Inc.
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I enjoy working with the team at We Make Tapes. They really care about delivering a professional product that is produced on time even under some of the most challenging time constraints.

Marion Warfield
Operations Manager, Destination Nashville
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We Make Tapes & Discs have always done a great job for us. We have a thriving recording studio and production company business. We produce and record independent acts from all over the world and we always recommend WMTD to all of our clients.

Steve Tveit
General Manager, OMNIsound Studios
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We've been dealing with WMTD for a number of years and find their quality, price and delivery to be as competitive as anyone. More important we will continue to do business with WMTD because of their ability to drop ship reorders to various locations on our tour in a timely manner, allowing us not to run out of product when we really need it.

Steve Jeffris
Guitarist, Vocalist & Entertainer
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We Make Tapes & Discs is wonderful! I have complete satisfaction in their attention to detail, creativity, contact availability, quick turn-around service and overall professional product. I am proud to refer other artists to "We Make Tapes & Discs" and will continue to be a regular customer!

Jamie Biller
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We are happy that we were able to work with We Make Tapes, after Quintana recorded her CD last summer. We laid out the art work for the front jacket, for the back and the inside back of the case. We Make Tapes only charged us half price because we did a lot of the art work. In addition, we were on the phone with them a lot, working on corrections and making changes. As much as we called them to make changes, or ask for suggestions, they were always very cordial and receptive. We got to be very good friends. We found that although we did the initial art work, they added professionalism to the total look of the CD. We Make Tapes was always very friendly, and open to new or different suggestions and ideas. When asked for input, they gave it. But, ultimately they allowed us to make the final decision. We will use We Make Tapes again. I would recommend them to anyone who wants professional and personable attention. In fact, we already have.

Quintana and Debi Biffert
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Multi-Platinum Pro Tools has been using We Make Tapes and Discs since 2006. Members of the We Make Tapes staff are very professional and knowledgeable, and always willing to go the extra mile. We've been very satisfied--Thanks We Make Tapes!

Jon Craig
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