A Word About Your Master...

Our rule of thumb is simple -- what you give us is what you’ll get back!

With that being said, we need a playable digital audio CD master or redbook standard master.

While the .mp3 format is very popular, they will not play in many older CD players. This is a common problem some face when sending .mp3 masters to radio stations. NOTE: If you are making your master from iTunes, there is a likelihood that the files are .mp3.

An .mp3 is a compressed file that only represents some of the sound in an attempt to cut down on file size. These files are commonly used for sharing digitally, since the files are smaller.

Just because a CD plays fine on a computer, does not mean that it is an acceptable format for all audio mediums. Computers have operating systems capable of reading many audio file types, and are able to play them back with no problem. CD players are not always able to play back all audio file types. Be sure to check your playable digital audio CD master.

While the software we use in duplication and replication processes does check for any structural errors on a disc, it does NOT check the file format of an audio CD. We do not check masters for file format as a standard practice. The reason is that we receive a wide variety of masters – audio, video, enhanced, data & software just to name a few. Our turnaround times and costs would increase if we checked every mas- ter we receive. Therefore, we choose to take the straightforward approach – what you give us is what you’ll get back!

Please let us know if you have any concerns regarding your master – we’re here to help!

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